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Ask any Madonna fan – nope, you can’t identify one just by their propensity to seek the spotlight in clubs and an obsession for sequins – what has been the last outstanding work of the singer/performer/actress/and etc., they’d probably say Confessions on a Dance Floor.

It is the last of Miss Ciccone’s work that can boast a strong concept, a real production effort with lyrics worthy of notice. The album came out in 2005, only two years after American life. That was an album product of its time following 9/11 and Bush’s America, and characterized by a rock-country-folk style, a genre never before associated with Madonna. Confessions on a Dance Floor is a unique mix that you can feel all over, traveling from your ears to your feet, making it nearly impossible to resist the rhythm and not dance to its tracks. It has been said that Madonna and Stuart Price, the man we have to thank for producing this amazing work, lived together – in sync – in his house/studio in New York for the duration of the creative process.

The production rests upon two key music currents that happened to be related: the dance music of the ‘80s and the new Daft Punk like approach to electronic and groove which has been around since the mid ‘90s (see the use of vocoder for choruses and filters). Among these two major influences you can find numerous quotes of the past. It is almost as if Madonna with this album drags the listener to the dance floor at one of her private parties (Confessions, indeed), a dance floor where past and present mix. And it works perfectly.

Gaia Ponzoni – Translated by Asta Diabate