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“Enemies of the heir: beware”. Voldemort is back! The fan-made movie Voldemort: Origins of the Heir has been released on Youtube by Tryangle Films last January 13th, and, since then, it has stacked up views on views, especially in the first 24 hours, obtaining more than 12 millions of views within three weeks.

But what is a fan-made movie? It’s about an audiovisual product that focus its own subject on a saga, a comic book, or simply, a famous character (real or fiction) and it is created by the fans. Likewise the fan fiction: in this case it’s about written (often serial) tales, in the same vein as the fan-made movies. This particular type of reading entertainment is going viral between the young people, but also between the older ones. Tons of websites are collecting these tales and splitting them in categories (tv shows, manga, romantic tales etc.). Being inspired by sagas is getting more and more popular even between the authors of fan fiction, and the products born in the magical world of Harry Potter could not be missing.

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir proposes to tell, around 50 minutes, a story that comes before the famous English wizard. The main character is close to him, actually it is about his worst enemy: Lord Voldemort. The film analyses a more “human” side of the figure, the one that belonged to a past when the Dark Lord was only a boy. But are we born evil or do we become evil? Tom Riddle was already destined to become the most feared wizard in history or over the course of his journey something happened and corrupted him irreparably?

The plot wasn’t the only thing that drew the attention on the project, but also the presence of a full Italian independent troupe, very much appreciated for the good level of the direction of Gianmaria Pezzato, the actors (Stefano Rossi in the role of Voldemort and Aurora Moroni as Grisha McLaggen), the photography and VFX, even though the movie is aimed to an international audience, being released in English with Italian subtitles. The authors raised the required funds by a crowdfunding campaign, achieving a budget of almost 15.000€, declaring that the film has not been realised to profit-making, in order to avoid legal problems linked to copyright and have the approval from the Warner Bros.

At this point, the Harry Potter saga ran over entire generations with its books, movies and every derived product, which are video-games, action-figures, merchandise etc. like other few modern sagas were able to do. It is also known that the potterheads for so long were waiting a movie about Lord Voldemorts life, outside the relationship with Harry Potter, on which the play of Jack Thorne, “Harry Potter and the cursed child” based on a J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne story that then became a book, already threw a super quick glance. Now, we just have to wait to discover if this short spin-off will be the start of a saga inside a saga, maybe even on the big screen.

Giulia Crippa – Translated by Beatrice Birolo