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1. It’s not what it seems

Suxbad looks like the classic teenage movie, crazy and shameless, in the same vein as the first American Pie films. But its’ not: underneath the surface there’s a theme that it’s worth analysing. The movie revolves around the training path of two boys: Seth (Jonah Hill), who can’t stop talking about sex, and Evan (Michael Cera), smart but unable to approach girls. Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), the classic nerd, named by his friends “poon-tang repellent”, will join them. In terms of real “nerds”, the three of them will do anything just to be accepted by their classmates and to pick up girls. The plot follows then that tradition of the teenage movies: a high school, a bunch of nerds who can’t approach girls and a big house party. A serie of ordinary elements, yet mixed along with originality and a funny sense of humor. Therefore, the narrative goes after the attempt of three eternal losers to shake their reputation and to obtain a social redemption in high-school. At the same time, the movie also follows the journey of a girl, Jules (Emma Stone), who goes from the age of innocence to adulthood.

2. A successful cast

Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Emma Stone and Bill Hader are already well-known names in Hollywood and at Saturday Night Shows. Besides, Suxbad  has been a debut for Christopher Mintz-Plasse, that with Fogell offers one of the best character in American comedies. The unforgettable scene of Fogell/McLovin will remain in the history of cinema. Lastly, the two policemen performed by Seth Rogen and Bill Hader spread a parody of the authorities and institutions in general.      

3. Must see

Remaining within the teenage movie standards, Suxbad is a movie with no expectations, that shines in the world of American comedies. As a matter of fact, Greg Mottola was able to make the “hormonal” comedy along with reflective and autobiographical topics coexist to the point that you could glimpse a bit of Woody Allen. In addition, the clean direction carries the audience through the entire movie. And a remarkable intro, in full 70’s style.

Marco Severini – Translated by Beatrice Birolo